Leading Freely: A Bible Study

For the next part of my leadership study for The Piper Project, I'm going to study the story about Paul and Silas when they are stuck in jail in the book of Acts 16:16-40. This is another way I like to study the bible. Through story-telling. Here's the plan. I'll start with a disclaimer, then … Continue reading Leading Freely: A Bible Study

Leadership Basics: Studying the Bible

Alright. So the Piper Project is an inquiry into a lot of things but at it's core, it's meant to be a bible study/inquiry into leadership. I'm not really sure where to take this or what story to focus on so for today, I'm just going to show you how I study the bible. And … Continue reading Leadership Basics: Studying the Bible

Spicy Yum Yums

As per my writing assignment, The Piper Project, I'm testing out different gluten-free, dairy-free menus at small business restaurants in Regina, SK. Today, I'll review Tangerine and 13th Avenue Food & Coffeehouse. Before I get into the reviews, I should probably preface this by addressing some of my tummy issues so you understand why it's … Continue reading Spicy Yum Yums

How to NOT Create an Inquiry Unit

So it would seem we've hit a couple snags in the design of this unit... which is inevitable. Problems always come up no matter what project you're working on but my goal was to show you behind-the-scenes of my process. The good, the bad and the ugly. Anyway, here are a couple of problems and … Continue reading How to NOT Create an Inquiry Unit

Inviting with Intention

I became a Beachbody coach but I'm narrating my journey through the eyes of a cat named Piper. It's is an inquiry unit to help me explore themes of education, leadership, business, personal development, etc. In this blog post, I'll talk a bit about my next step which is inviting people with intention. This is … Continue reading Inviting with Intention

Strategy: An Inquiry into Business

The Piper Project is an inquiry unit based off a teaching strategy called the KWL chart. Students write a list of what they K for Know about a subject, then W for Want to Know and after researching, they list everything they L for Learned. I'm using this teaching strategy to learn about leadership, business, … Continue reading Strategy: An Inquiry into Business

Blogging Basics for Beginners

Have you ever wondered about sharing your unique perspective and style in a blog? In today's post, you'll learn a couple writing tips to develop tone, clarity and capture more readers! Click on the title to learn more!