Morty and Myrtle

Morty was a hearty farm cat. He grew up chasing mice, climbing hay bales, and napping by the dugout. His parents hosted prayer and bible readings in the loft of the barn. They were Jewish (yes, cats have spiritual lives, too) and followed the teachings of the Hebrew God they loved. He protected them from … Continue reading Morty and Myrtle

The Castle

Once upon a time, in a cat cafe not too far away, there lived a harem of felines. Felines of every shape and size. Some were spotted, some were striped, some were black and some were white. Some were male, some were female and some were just neutered (which ain't very comfortable). The cafe was … Continue reading The Castle

“K” for Know

Soooooo small update. After the first post on Monday, I got a call on Tuesday for a contract at Seven Stones. It began Wednesday and runs for the next six weeks. It's the school I interned at last year so I felt like I'm coming home.  I'm filling in for Flower, the Indigenous Studies teacher … Continue reading “K” for Know

Wanna and Why: Re-Telling the Story of Esther with Kitties

Well, I lasted about two weeks of no writing. Not the full month but almost. I ended the "holiday" early because I have a writing project I've been wanting to complete for awhile now and believe completing it would be of more use than, well, not. In my last blog, Desert Design Writing, I attempted to tell some bible stories...